Contract Distilling

Hire our distillery to make your drinks. Start distilling without heavily investing in your own equipment. Contract Distilling helps bring initial investments down while making your costs variable, so dependent on your desired production and batch size.

Contract distilling can be done on iStills 100, 500, and 2000.

We produce for instance one barrel of single malt whisky per week.

Hire our distillery

1 full day - €1000,-
  • We now have an iStill 100, an iStill 500, and an iStill 2000 available for Contract Distilling. As well as a 25 liter and 550 liter Extractor.
  • Distillery supervision will only be delegated to persons who have successfully followed our 4 day Certified Advanced Distilling Training.
  • Since our distillery and warehouses are based near Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, these new services of Contract Distilling, and Contract Barreling and Aging are – at this moment – limited to Europe.
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Hire in master distiller

1 full day - €800,-
  • A member of our staff supervises the run, and helps with dialing in the right run procedures and more.
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  • The purchase and filling of our 225 liter barrels costs EUR 500,- a piece. Warehouse storage is EUR 100,- per barrel per year.
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