NextGen Distilling Equipment

“The only automated and robotized distillery line-up in the world. It helps the Craft Distiller harvest the right tastes, with automated cuts management. Our innovations help create better product more consistently and at lower costs, and with the smallest heads and tails losses in the industry.”

“Versatile and beyond. The iStill can mash, ferment, and distill any product. One machine does it all, minimizing pumping and cleaning and production bottle-neck issues. You can now make whisky, brandy, rum, gin, and vodka on one and the same machine.”

“The unique and patented flush square boiler design and Jet Propulsion Agitator allow for perfect mixing and on the grain distillation capabilities. It is the only unit in the world that helps the Craft Distiller create and manage the Maillard Reaction taste cascade for an unprecedented additional amount of 20% more taste.”

“The 21 st Century technology, together with the compact design and insulation, cut running costs – when compared to traditional plated copper stills – by around 90%, gaining you an amazing competitive advantage over those that wish to continue to use antiquated 19 th Century technology.”

“iStills are made from high-quality Stainless Steel. Because it is strong and chemically inactive, it outlasts copper columns by decades. Any sulfur contamination issues with the Craft Distillers wine or beer base product, usually caused by substandard fermentations, is taken care of by the iStill Catalytic Waffles.”

“iStills are designed and manufactured in the Netherlands. Europe’s most competitive and innovative country (source: WEF). Our focus on innovation and quality allows us to offer the best build quality and warranty in the industry.”

The proof of the Pudding

Our customers win prestigeous awards all over the world! Here is a small selection of medal winning Craft Distillers that work with iStill:

North America

United Kingdom